Two facts:
1. The first Personal Computer was built in a garage in the United States.
2. The Future in Software is writing in a village from Romania.

I have worked for many years to a fundamental invention in software,
on a revolutionary informational model.

I do not talk about another kind of software.
It is more than just software.
It is a natural informational model.

The current software model (based on Data Center, Cloud, Internet of Things,
IPv6, Anything as a Service (XaaS), etc) is becoming more and more
complicated, waste of time and money and a danger for human society.

From a year to the other the number of IT specialists will be bigger and bigger.
They must solve the complications from the software model itself
rather than the complexity of the informational real world.

My project is about: The Universal Software Model
without Relational Model and without Data Centers.

It is a very strong alternative vision to the current software model
and kind of thinking in information.

This is the future in computer science!

Gheorghe Matei
I am a retired electrical engineer (Polytechnic Institute Bucharest Romania 1970).

I would like to invite you to be a participant at my project!

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"Einstein changed the way we think about space and time".
Now we can change the way we think about information!".