A story ... on the Milky Way!



As you know,

or only believe or suppose,

A Unique Universal Ubiquitous Abstract Power (UUUAP)

hard working

in order to create

What We See or Do Not See!



At a certain point of the universal time,

the universe was full of objects:

the stars,

the planets,

ordinary stones,



took care,

as a good Parent,

to put each object at its place.


But a minor problem appeared:

the objects had to move at least from time to time;


from here,

the tired and boredom.

That's why, firmly,

He Said:

"I have to Do something on My measure!"

And He created:

The Human Individual!




Many years later,

the Human Individual,

having its own




becomes even independent and begins to make many objects:

a hammer,

a table,

a picture,

and so on,

even an object for computing!.

Good work,


exactly said,


like as above-mentioned,

the tired and boredom appeared


in a good day,

at a cup of coffee,

The Human Individual said:

"I have to do something on my measure!"

and he created:

The Informational Individual!