The Future is beginning here!

The Informational Individual is about activities, functions and parameters.
Instead of thinking in terms of devices, we should think in terms of informational entities!

The Informational Individual is a special structure with a special functionality.

In fact, the Informational Individual is a sum of functions, not of objects.

A house is a sum of functions, not of objects.

My hand is a function, not an object!

This is the magic formula in information from now on!

This is a fundamental invention in the informational models area
an informational entity that can virtually model any problem of the informational space.

My project is an entirely new approach.
While we seek a dramatic improvement in our understanding of the brain's
functions and processes, we can build the Informational Individuals.

In fact, we watch birds but build planes, not birds.
We think about the human individuals but build the Informational Individuals!