Universal Software Model

based on a new informational model: the Informational Individual!

I talk about a completely new conceptual approach in software,
on a new model, inspired from the real world!

My Project is a Radical Change in the informational thinking!

Today, at the beginning of the third millennium,
there is a chance for a big change!

The Informational Individual opens a new universe!

It is limited only of our thinking, imagination and intuition!

Beyond trends, advices, and promises, I talk about a Unique Universal
Software Model, a new Programming Language of the Informational Space.

My Project means the transition from the Software-Centric
(in which the Decision-Maker is in a marginal position of End-User
of the Anything-as-a-Service world) to
the Decision-Maker Centric into a Network of Informational Individuals!

The Future is here and now!
The images put here are about the conceptual level of my project.
These are a very strong return to the informational real world:
the human individual (as a unit of measure for all),
the activities,
the area of responsibility,
the decision-maker,
local and global environment and
relationships between them on the network model,
the transition from the object to individual paradigm.

My destiny is to light up the way.
Your glory is to see it!

Gheorghe Matei

The Main Way nr. 614